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Set of Plastic Household Brushes

Set of Plastic Household Brushes

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5" x 1.75"ø
Plastic & Metal Wire

These relate directly to a brush we had from Sweden, interested? Even more interesting is that the Swedish brush is described (by Swedes) as a traditional form originating in Sweden but the material it is made of comes from Mexico. The connection is clear: the Swedish brush originated in Mexico but today, Mexicans - having such an appreciation for color and widespread use of plastic - have transported the natural fibers into the future. Works great on dishes but also in the laundry on hard-to-get-out stains. A customer told me it is specifically for a molcajete. Everywhere we went in Mexico laundry items and detergents were held in high regard, feels good! Set of 2 brushes, one pink, one yellow.

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