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Bird Toy Small

Bird Toy Small

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7" long
Wood, Plastic, Leather, Metal & Cotton

Birds...I never really understood or connected with them until recently. Is this why most bird watchers are older folks? I wonder, why do kids want gerbils and fuzzy things and seniors make up the majority of bird watching clubs? When one is young do you need cozy comfort and when you are old just a colorful little feather thing will do? Regardless, when Ming showed me these toys I was stunned. They are the best of Top Shop meets H&M meets Jeff Koons meets Hello Kitty - all-in-one! Pure contemporary art in a bird toy. Marlene has been making her brilliant creations since the 1970s. Birds love them, or at least they look like they do, and the owners say they do. I love them and I don't own a bird but I do have a bird feeder that birds visit and I did hang one of these out there. No theory is birds in the wild have enough to play with in nature, it's the indoor dudes that need the flash and dash. That begins a whole moral discussion, but we won't go there. Since I don't have any birds to turn on, my bird toy has morphed into a key chain. Big, shiny, with a little bit of noise - perfect for getting my attention in the bottom of the "black hole" (i.e. my purse). Laura said she wants one to hang on her wall - again, art is art and it comes in many, many forms.

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